Product Design FAQ/ For the Record

Here at Just a Little CRush Shop, we specialize in wholesome tees and tumblers. Our products are targeted for Mamas and the littles as well. When creating my designs, they are a reflection of me (Mama CRush) and what I want for my own child, who is about 4 years old now. Now that I accept custom orders for Tumblers with quotes and designs, this blog is needed to explain some what we allow or don't allow for the record. 

Infringement- We want to be unique and also not piggyback off the back of someone else. We will not intentionally violate someone's trademark- be it logo or wording. This includes Professional sports teams, Disney, Pop Socket, Movies, celebrities,  etc.  Yes, there are a lot of ridiculous (in my opinion) trademarked phrases for different products, but we will research before we start a project to ensure we will not be in violation of anyone's trademark. I.E. "Raising Tiny Humans Is Exhausting is trademarked for coffee mugs, tees and a few other items, but it's not for water bottles and the like. However, even that can be a gray area and we tend to stay away from those. Copyrights are another, on the same line as trademarks, that we do not want to infringe on. This includes using other artist's work without a commercial usage license or a release granting permission to have items created for you... such as your family photography, I would need a print release from your photographer stating what kind of printing is allowed.  

I'm all about self expression, don't get me wrong. There are hundreds of other shops or crafters who are willing to create products with profanity, vulgarity, Sex(ualtiy) etc. Here at the CRush shop, we will not. I cannot shield my child, however, I can control what I create and allow the world to see through my shop. That being said, we will absolutely not create any item with profanity or insinuation of it. This includes such phrases with plays on the word fox, referring to children being "sassholes", demons, etc. 

Touching on sexualtiy, this isn't saying we're against anyone in the LGBT community. When speaking about sexuality, we mean sexual activities and the related. Will we create a, "PRIDE" cup? It will depend on the idea around it. We can't give a definitive answer to that, as we have been asked in the past that were anti-God/ atheist (we'll get there in a minute), and we absolutely will not go there with any of our work. We're also not open to any sort of, "Straight PRIDE" or anti-LGBT. We're not hear to help people cast judgments upon others, and we have to stand firm in our personal belief of Love thy Neighbor and let God do the judging. 

Yes, we are a Christian based business. This means our beliefs and many of our designs are biblical based. We will not create a design attacking Christianity, or our beliefs. Anything satanic, atheist in nature or worshiping another God(s) will not be created. We are primarily conservative in our beliefs. 

Hot Topics- This will be on a to be determined basis. Things such presidential candidates, and abortion we're likely to stay away from. We are pro-life in our beliefs, however, depending on the idea, we might not accept the order. We are a pro-gun family, but again, dependent on the idea, we might reject the order. We will not accept anti-2nd amendment orders. We are neither Pro-Vaxx or Anti-Vaxx, we are for informed consent. That being said, we will not create anything about vaccines that isn't informed consent related. 

Mom shaming- we will absolutely not create anything saming another mother. With that being said, we're very pro breastfeeding and do believe breastmilk is best- but it's not always best for every child or family. Design request around the topic breastmilk/ formula will be taken into consideration only if they are non shaming in nature. Things to consider- Parenting choices, SAHM/ Working mom, homeschool, Body type etc. These will be considered based on the request. We're not here to tear down another mom. 

Alcohol/ Drugs- We will absolutely not create anything related to drugs or getting drunk. We are a drug and alcohol free family. Designs about addiction will be considered based on the idea. We are very pro addiction awareness and recovery. 

Military/ First Responders- We love our military and first responders! We will not create anything against Military, Police, etc.

We may update this as time goes. Understand, this is our business, but also a reflection of our family. Yes, we've been told, "you shouldn't refuse anything, money is money". We don't agree with that, and we're standing firm in this. 

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