It's the LITTLE Things

As moms, we sometimes get lost in our day to day activities. We sometimes operate on autopilot. We can lose sight of the important things; we can lack balance. Sometimes, it's the LITTLE things that balance us out. 
The other day I was working away, planning, scheduling, designing, etc.. I noticed I had told my son, "In a minute.", "not right now.", "Let me finish..." several times. I was so zoned in on my work that I didn't see how much he needed me at that moment, even if it was just to stack blocks with him. I struggled to balance my work with what my child needed from me.  I put my work away and took my son outside to burn some energy, and for me to take a breather. 
Take time for your LittlesToday, as I was washing dishes and prepping dinner, I discovered a podcast. The name of the site is, "God Centered Mom" [Linked]. Episode 166 [Linked] really clicked with me. It was like a lightbulb went off, "Aha! That makes sense!". 
In the episode, Helen Smallbone speaks about taking time for yourself, with your kids and with God. She speaks about attitudes and even touches on sibling conflict as well as taking a "time out" to pray for your children. 
Let them be LittleWhat really hit home for me is when she spoke about building relationships with our children rather than the temporary focus on everyday tasks and quality time versus quantity time. I found that quality time doesn't mean I can't get what I need to accomplish done. Instead, incorporating my son into what I'm doing at that moment to complete my task and then moving into what they would like to do. If I'm cleaning and my son wants to go outside, I'll ask him to help me so we can go out sooner. I know for some it may not work with younger toddlers, but I do believe it will work with my 2-year-old as he loves to help me. After the task is complete, you give the attention to your child's needs for time with you. 
She also talks about taking a traditional naptime or quiet time where your kids go to their space and you have the time to take a breather/ take time for just you... even if it is a 20-minute power nap. This is my struggle. During naps, I find myself trying to rush and catch up where I'm behind, be it chores or work. I never stop and I push myself to the brink of exhaustion many days. Doing this, I have found there are some days my patience with my son is less and sometimes it is with my husband as well. So, I'll be implementing time for myself every day, and during those moments of frustration or when my toddler acts out, I will take a moment of quietness to pray for my child. God speaks, but often we're too worked up to hear it. 
It's the LITTLE things.
This little light of mine
Please head over to God Centered Mom to listen to the full podcast. She touches on so much that I feel other moms can benefit from. 
P.S. If you're a mom on auto-pilot in/ near Lemoore, CA, Let's grab a coffee soon. <3












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