More Adjustments on the Homefront

Mama CRush here..
As many of you know, I went back to work full time outside our little online shop in August. Well, big changes are being done within the company, which meant the possibility my position would be removed. I prayed for direction and comfort as I awaited the decisions to be made. Whatever changes are to come are out of my control and I was giving it all to God.
Last week I was told my position was being done away with when changes are finalized/ completed. Meaning, I'll be starting 2020 off with more big changes in my personal life. We've had a lot of curveballs over the past year and a lot of adjusting to just have to adjust some more. It stung hearing I wouldn't get to remain at a job I had prayed for months with our move home to Tennessee after Mr CRush left active duty Navy. In my heart, I knew it was going to happen and had already told myself if it did happen, that God was pointing me into a different direction.
I'm a firm believer that God has a plan for every person and we just have to rely on him to guide us. My heart is pulled to my shop and being the creative mind that I am. I have huge ideas, but have not been able to move forward with them as extra time has been limited. I have a notebook full of brainstorming and business plans. Now, I plan to find the time to sit down with my thoughts and make an action plan. 

We want to hear from you! Over the next couple weeks, we plan to post some polls, ideas, pictures, etc to get feedback on our ideas. We are wanting to start a rewards program (because we have some AMAZING repeat customers!), which would include a birthday incentive as well as a referral program! We know you want lives of us behind the scenes, and I'm working on getting something planned once we get our office reorganized (New tumbler order needs to be worked in!). 
Without you, my dreams and goals are not possible. I've put so much work into my shop. We have always been God focused geared toward Mamas and Little Ones. We will remain God centered. We do plan to expand some outside Mamas and Littles and offering more customizable pieces (namely tees). We're currently in process of creating teacher specific items, as well as monogrammed gifts and more. 

Keep your eyes open this weekend as we'll be offering limited quantity of a PERFECT Christmas gift idea. This will be a trial offer to something we might offer regularly. We think you'll love it and my BFF that I bounce many ideas off of (probably should put her on the payroll if I could afford to! ha) says it's a "YES!". 
Thank you all for being absolutely amazing and rolling with the punches as we continue to adjust to all the changes tossed our way on the homefront. 
P.s. If you SHARE our Facebook page to your Facebook page (settings to public so we're notified), we're going to give one lucky person a $10 giftcard to the shop at the end of the month! 












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