New Site!

Welcome to our NEW and improved website and blog! We are officially moving away from Etsy and our Mom and Littles' shop being self-sustained. 

Will we still have an Etsy store? Yes. However, our Etsy store will be where we offer customizable designs that you will no see here. The Etsy shop will be renamed. Be on the lookout for information we put out on that via our Facebook Fan Page, Just a Little CRush Shop.

We are still actively uploading our NEW designs and styles. We have several in the works of being photographed. Watch our Facebook and Instagram for behind the scenes looks into what's coming and first looks! 

If you're interested in modeling for the CRush Shop, send us an email at, 
Sessions will take place in Lemoore or Hanford California for 2017. 

Be on the look out! We will be releasing brand ambassador information next week! It's an awesome opportunity for you or your Little to receive free or discounted merchandise!

With the New site comes a discount! Use code, NEWSITE10 at checkout to save 10%!

Thanks for stopping by!

(And Cash, he was "helping" me type!)









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