As the New Year approaches, the shop is in full planning mode for 2020. I've been brainstorming ideas for new tees, tumblers and anything in between. Due to some stressors in our personal lives, I hit a mental roadblock. I continued fighting it, and failing. Eventually, I broke. 

Admittedly, I'm a control freak. I like clean, organized and minimalism. Everything has a place. Every day has a to-do list, timeline, etc. Suddenly, nothing was in my control. To-do lists went unchecked. I started to shutdown. I lost my drive and was slipping into a deep depression. I tried to work myself through everything, faking a smile, cracking a joke, forcing a laugh. I was just masking it. I solved nothing. Then, I broke down and I did what I should have so much sooner... I prayed about it. 

 I prayed... something I do often, but this time I asked God for his guidance and and his plan. Y'all, I unloaded on God. And you know what? God listens. Is everything suddenly perfect? No. BUT, the next day, I had some normalcy. My bullet journal full of notes, brainstorming, etc... it now has several more pages of ideas and and things I want to accomplish with this platform I have through my shop and social media. I really feel like God laid something on my heart this week. 

Around the CRush Shop, almost everything we do is faith based. Everything is clean, conservative and family friendly. I was pulled that direction when the CRush Shop was established a few years ago. When sketching ideas this week, the hashtag #WEARYOURFAITH popped into my head. At that moment, I had the absolute most calming feeling- and I haven't had that feeling in a while. I felt like God was saying, "Hey! You wanted me to show you some direction, well you better get started!".

#wearyourfaithSo many of us are scared to approach others about our beliefs due to backlash or feeling as if we're overstepping. So, let's make this easier! Just do what the hashtag says! WEAR YOUR FAITH! I don't care if it's a tee from my shop or one you purchased elsewhere. I know I'm not the only person reading what someone else's shirt says! Someone simply reading your shirt could open the door for conversation. Someone reading your shirt could help someone take that step toward a relationship with God. When you wear your faith based tee, take a picture in it and post it. Use the hashtag #wearyourfaith- let's make it trend! I know this won't happen overnight, but if we all start.. we can shift mountains. 



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