About Us

What is Just a Little CRush Shop?


In 2016, Just a Little CRush Shop was launched with the promise to create positive and uplifting tees for Mom and the Littles. While we don't cater to Dad (Yet!), a family focus is big for us, and we refuse to create any designs with profanity, or that are not conservative Christian in values. 

Because our business is a reflection of us, many of our designs may feature a biblical design or message. We put God first. He is our foundation, as well as the foundation for our business. We use his guidance for inspiration, especially for some of our Mom tees. 

While we don't specialize in custom designs, we do participate in fundraisers and donation drives to raise funds for things we love and believe in. We have donated items to military Family Readiness Groups, animal rescues, adoption fundraising, Preemie events and more. Occasionally you might see a fundraiser event posted on here to purchase for. If you have a fundraiser you think might interest us, you can email us at info@justalittlecrushshop.com or if you're interested in seeing some of the events/ places we support, check out our fan page: https://facebook.com/justalittlecrushshop


The Faces behind Just a Little CRush Shop

 Hi! I'm Christina He's Nick This little boy is Cash

We currently live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but home is in Middle Tennessee. Nick is currently serving in the military, which has taken us coast to coast and back again. Come Spring 2018, the CRush Shop is starting its final move! Our family will be fully moved to middle Tennessee by late Spring 2019. We have some pretty big plans for the shop! We are excited and anxious, as well will be making the transition from my husband being military to entering the civilian world again.